On May 1, a black separatist named Kendrex White stabbed three white men and an Asian on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, in what’s been described as a hate crime. One of White’s victims, freshman Harrison Brown, died. But this isn’t about a black racist named White killing a white victim named Brown. The UT campus is a ‘Gun-Free Zone’, which proves that anti-gun policies aren’t only ineffective, but they preclude innocent victims of violence from being able to defend themselves. Esteban Santiago, AKA Aashiq Hammad, shot up a Florida airport in January. He snuffed out five victims and injured six others. This tragedy also epitomizes how anti-gun politicians prevent law-abiding citizens from self-protection. President Trump wants to allow law-abiding citizens to carry a gun in every state. Federal concealed-carry will allow victims to protect themselves and their property in Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., and other places where it’s now prohibited. Even Detroit’s Sheriff, James Craig, urges his constituents to buy guns for self-defense. Vermont requires no permit for concealed or open carry, and has America’s lowest violent crime rate. Will federal C-C mean more violence? Maybe.

But where’s the downside to eradicating car-jackers, would-be killers, rapists, and muggers? Aiming a loaded gun aimed at unsuspecting miscreants quickly facilitates attitude adjustments. Opposing federal Concealed-carry is pro-perpetrator and violates our Civil Rights. President Trump says, “The right to self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then we can surely do that for concealed-carry, which is a right, and not a privilege.”

Nationwide applicability means citizens with permits won’t be jailed while armed where carrying is now illegal. It will also enable police to focus more on criminals. Innocent, would-be victims deserve compassion, and it’s compassionate to make the United States safer for all law-abiding citizens., who will be safer when such violent malefactors are permanently retired. In February, 2017, a Kansas white supremacist shot two law-abiding Indian Nationals, and two patrons who tried to aid the victims. One of the Indians died from injuries inflicted by this hateful bigot. In Nov., 2016, David Wilcox was car-jacked in Chicago by four degenerates who yelled, “you voted Trump”, as they kicked, beat and stomped him.

The perps then drove off with his vehicle, as Wilcox hung on for dear life. At nearly 80 mph, Wilcox knew if he let go, he’d die. He told police that as he looked at the oncoming traffic, “the wheels on my side left the ground.” When the car slowed to 45 mph, he let go and “rolled about five to seven times into the oncoming traffic lanes.” This violence could’ve been obviated had those victims been armed.

Pro-perp Democrats leave lawful citizens at thuggery’s mercy, and must be held accountable. On Nov. 28, 2016, a Somalian refugee plowed his Honda into a crowd of Ohio State students, injuring eleven. Clueless Liberals had designated OSU’s campus as a Gun-Free Zone, which rendered the unarmed students helpless against the knife-wielding Muslim. Would-be muggers, car-jackers, rapists, killers, drug dealers, and other violent, dumb malefactors may get blown away, once victims can protect themselves and their property in every state. If so, good riddance. This isn’t about race: whites have stolen more far cash and property, and killed more people, than ALL minorities combined. So why not allow innocent citizens to turn the tables on attackers? Are Liberals who oppose federal right-to-carry also against spraying insect repellent on wasps? When faced with unprovoked violence which threatens lives and property, law-abiding Americans everywhere should be allowed to take out the trash.