Politics by mob must end

Todd Blodgett Author, Columnist

Todd Blodgett
Author, Columnist

On Jan. 19 protesters throughout the U.S. hijacked the Martin Luther King holiday. Instead of honoring Dr. King, they disrupted commerce in several major cities.

In November and December 2014, looting by rioters angry at racially diverse grand juries for not indicting cops in Missouri and New York were facilitated by a lack of leadership.

Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon didn’t even deploy Missouri’s National Guard until after $150 million-plus in damage was perpetrated. Lt. Gov. Pete Kinder says President Obama pressed Nixon to not deploy the Guard.

Responsible leaders don’t tacitly legitimize destructive mobs. But by claiming “a country’s conscience has to be triggered by some inconvenience,” Obama effectively condoned politics by mob.

Presidents are legally obligated to stop marauders from damaging property and threatening law-abiding citizens. But Obama detests the Rule of Law, and has belittled Free Enterprise.

Politics lifted him out of the poverty of his irresponsible parents and he’s clueless as to the sacrifices, economic know-how and tenacity required for real world success.

He’s contemptuous of the private sector and property rights, and has admitted to being “lazy.”

On Dec. 20, 2014, protesters at Minnesota’s Mall of America victimized shoppers, business owners, hourly workers and tourists. They caused millions of dollars in foregone sales, police overtime, legal fees, lost wages, tax revenue and added security.

Organizer Mica Grimm said, “We disrupted business on the busiest shopping day of the year” at America’s “biggest mall.”

Serious leaders face unruly mobs down, warn they’ll be met with force and back it up. In 1969-70, thousands of radical protesters — whose contempt for the law and private property was nearly as deplorable as Obama’s — infested California’s universities.

When the school’s chancellor submitted to some of their demands, then-Gov. Ronald Reagan said, “No.” He told campus troublemakers to “go back to class and obey the rules or get out.”

Subversives intimidated citizens, destroyed property and took over a public park. Reagan warned he’d send in the National Guard, which emboldened campus and local police. Thinking he was bluffing, the hippies kept it up.

Finally, Reagan warned, “If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with.” After the Berkeley cops shot a protester dead, 791 National Guardsmen arrived on the scene. Another man was permanently blinded by gunfire. Another 125-plus radicals were hospitalized for gunshot wounds, head trauma and other serious injuries.

Even more were grievously wounded, but they didn’t seek medical treatment for fear of being arrested. Hundreds more were incarcerated and once the throng was subdued Reagan deployed another 2,700 Guardsmen to keep the peace.

Thugs understand force and fear it, as was proven in 1970. Today, the U.S. needs of strong, decisive, no-nonsense leadership. But Obama is more like the troublemakers than like his employers. Most voters who pay his salary voted against him — twice.

The Constitution is designed to protect property rights, preserve liberty and enforce the rule of law. Our founders didn’t anticipate a president siding with criminals over law-abiding citizens. But that’s standard procedure for Obama, who previously enabled violent, taxpayer-funded criminals and shielded them from the appropriate legal consequences. Remember the Black Panthers in 2008?

AFSCME bureaucrats, liberal teachers, Cash for Clunkers’ beneficiaries, ambulance-chasing trial lawyers and illegal aliens adore Barack Obama. He’s admired by subsidized farmers, gang members, Section 8 profiteers and NPR-addicted, aging hippies of both genders.

But to millions of his employers, patriotic veterans and other productive citizens, our Community Organizer in Chief and his mob-sympathizing comrades are like a cross between Karl Marx, Don Corleone and thugs from TV’s “Cops.”

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